Thursday, October 04, 2012

Debate Doodle

Just thought I would show you what I do when I watch TV and don't draw, I doodle.  While watching the debate last night I doodled.  
Well stay tuned for tomorrow I am going to show some pictures of the studio, I am trying to find some new organizational ways to make it work better for me, maybe we can all share tips.


  1. this is a great 'doodle'! love the colors and textures! can't wait to see those photos - I'm working on some organizational ideas as well!

  2. the debate from the USA was shown over here too..( cant think why though!!!)

    I am so not interested in that though! we have our own bunch of politicians too and I dont like politics at all!!! elections are so boring!

  3. Hi Lee....I love this doodle, all the great color and lines.

  4. That is some doodle! Wow!


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