Monday, October 29, 2012

The Age Of Aquarius

Another page from my journal, I changed everything on the girl except her skin and face.  As you can tell I love the color pink, I drew a little bit of grid pattern there, and there is lots of room for journalling. I think maybe my pages are a bit to clean and orderly, I would love to see some of your pages.



  1. LOOOVE the pink, and the grid pattern is fantastic. It reminds me of a sidewalk, but I really like the angle you used. I also like how you altered the food truck sticker.

    I haven't been art journaling much lately but I do have one page on the go that I hope to get on my blog by the end of the week... stay tuned!

  2. I like your journalpages. Too clean you said.......well not everything messed up is nice I think. Who made the decission that nowadays everything should look messed up,I would love a word with that person.
    Still open for trades?
    Thanks for commenting over at my place,I do appreciate that very much.

  3. I don't think your pages are too clean...and besides you should do things the way you like and not like everyone else. I keep telling you, you're unique and original and that's a good thing.


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