Monday, May 11, 2009

Are you on the Grid

This one scanned funny it is straight in real life and so much nicer looking, kinda of done of the Grid System, and it is not finished yet. Well its Monday, and its early, Devil Dog landed her toy on my face this morning and lets me know its time to get up and get the day going. Well today
I have to do housework , some art, some walking and we are taking the mothers out for dinner tonight. Its always to busy on Mothers day, so we are going tonight. I had a great day yesterday, just relaxing, got some great gifts from my daughter. My mom came over for dinner. We had a few laughs and a couple of glasses of wine and that was it. God this blows, I don't have anything reverting to talk about, so I am signing off for now.


  1. You crack me up calling her Devil Dog -- my association with that is a dessert I grew up with, on the east coast, Devil Dogs -- yummy chocolate cake with creamy filling, shaped like a hot dog. I think it's funny how our pets let us know what time it is -- dropping a toy on your face?!!! And Zoe will just continue to jump back UP to my desktop and lay down in the middle of my project when she's decided it's time for her to get some attention ... over and over and over until Toni gets the point!

  2. Krissie at Winterwood6:11 AM

    Do you walk much? I just got a pedometer and was so suprised at how far I had walked!! Do you take Sophie for lots of evening walks?

    Love the grid colours! nothing exciting happening here either!

  3. Happy MOther's Day a few days late! I hope you enjoyed your dinner and I laughed about Devil Dog. My dog has been going through some kind of dog craziness lately so I can relate.


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