Saturday, May 16, 2009


One of the definitions is "to shine Brightly". How often do you shine? Some days it's pretty hard to get a good shine on. On those days when you have no creative energy, you doubt yourself as an artist. On those days when you say "what the hell am I doing". When you have those kind of days , "get your dazzle on". Just Shine , walk away from what your doing and go do something that makes you laugh, smile and feel good. Or just go have a good cry and get it out.
I tried to make my background (aka like Lost Luggage does her), luckly I am starting her class on Monday. And then you will see my backgrounds (DAZZEL)


  1. Hi Lee!!!

    I have been digging through my old blog posts about Hong Kong for your daughter. She may want to read this one:

    I think she might enjoy seeing the big Buddha on Lantau Island, too. There is plenty to see in Hong Kong, and I know she will have fun.

  2. Oh, I have days like that!! I wonder if I'm just fooling myself. And then I take a break and come back at it later. I think your dazzle painting looks good. But I know about trying to get the julification factor. It's not easy!!

  3. Krissie at Winterwood8:19 AM

    that dazzle pic looks like a departure from your usual stuff and moving up to the next level...probably as youre getting a lot of inspiration and prac from those classes you are doing... and it shows! Looking forward to seeing your latest post class stuff!

  4. Hi Lee...thanks for visiting my blog.Yes, I had a great time in NJ. Got to platy with all the grand-children. They tire me out but it's a good kind of tired.
    Good luck on your art classes, keep us informed.

  5. Very cool post and great sentiment. I am beginning to shine a wee bit so I'll keep trying till I get to dazzle. Have fun at your class and dazzle them.

  6. great advice, for good Julification for not starting the class yet, too -- hee!

    yesterday, my form of dazzling was to go lay up in my bed, propped by 82 pillows, cushions and blankies, and watch House and Garden TV shows for 4 ENTIRE HOURS. I never watch TV, but I had spent all day Saturday mucking out my studio, and Sunday I couldn't stand to go in there and make ONE SINGLE mess. I wanted it to be all clean (DAZZLING!) when I start Julification tonight! hee!

  7. Love your background page and your word choice....


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