Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love and Life is not easy....

I have spent all day dealing with a broken heart. No not mine, but someone close to me. Time is the only thing that can mend a broken heart, but its all the worse when you are much older. Its all about companionship and being there for the person. Unfortunately this person was not the person she thought he was. So I did my best. So this is what this journal page is about. The bird and the eagle, not a good fit usually. Does not make for an easy life. I hope you could tell this was an eagle. Well enough humdrum for now, lets see what's new and exciting in my life. Well I am enjoying Lost Luggage class, and soon to be starting a Class with Alisha. And then that's it till the fall for classes. The weather has been great, and I have been sitting on the deck trying to enjoy the nice weather, but unfortunately hot flashes don't take a break and the hot weather is not that great. I had to come in the house and turn on the air conditioning everybody had a sweater on but me. Well should go talk to you all tomorrow.


  1. Love and life is not easy....totally agree with you...but good thing there are other moments which makes it worth again. Always hard to deal with a broken heart....hope she will feel better soon.
    Hot flashes and hot grandma has problems with hot flashes too...not nice at all, hope it won't be worse in the 'real summer hot'. Our weather cooled down to spring temperatures again. So some cool breezes from over here to you, smiles, Anke ;)

  2. No matter what your age, being let down in love is not nice or good. As for hot flashes I tend to get them in bed not so during the day except that I am feeling a bit hotter than before. I hate this part of ageing, still once this is over should be great! ( I hope) do you take anything for the flashes? tried yam cream? I havent so cant tell you.

  3. a gift to have your listening ear, though ... I'm sad for your friend, endings, disappointments, they suck, no matter who/what/where/when/why! The canvas is beautiful, Lee.


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