Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of May wrap up

Well its the last day of went by fast and not much was accomplished. Over at Joyce's has 10 things for May so I thought I would do it today as well:

1. Something I bought myself this month: new sandals

2. Currently reading: just finished The Road.. Cormac McCarthy best book ever

3. Last CD I listened to: Eagles

4. Art I made: stencils and page from

5: Last place I ate out: Original Joes for smoked meat

6. Something that made me cry: The reader movie

7. Something that made me laugh: Jay Leno

8. Something I am thankful for: family and friends, blog friends

9. Whats in my purse: labels for collage, moles kine journal, (small) wallet, address book, pen, pencil, coupons to Michael's, keys, change

10. Something I am looking forward to: course.

Now that I have shared mine, lets have yours......I am interested.


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