Friday, May 01, 2009

Trash to Treasure

It started out as an advertisement in the mailbox for West Edmonton Mall. Now most people threw there's in the garbage next to the mailboxes. We have one point where we pick up the mail. I looked at thought I bet this could be used for something else.
So here is the front cover, I used spray paint on it and masks. The book was quite glossy and the spraypaint took to it well.

Here is an inside page in the works, really two pages, one page cut to fit inside a page (if you know what I mean) this page is in the works. So you ask what are you going to use this book for. Well I have quite a few ideas, one could be small works of mixed media on artist trading cards, attached with photo corners, original poetry, favourite quotes. So today went back to the garbage and picked up 3 more. I am now an official garbage picker


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