Monday, May 04, 2009

Fixing up the Studio

These are just a few pictures of the studio where I create. I try to be organized and know where everything is. But then I put it somewhere and cant find it anymore. And I spend all
my time trying to.
I have been thinking about fixing up the studio. Everytime I look in one of those books like
Where Women Create" I see these amazing studios and think wow. Now could I paint better if I had a fancy dancy studio with gardem doors out to this amazing patio and pool. Probably not but I sure would like to try.
This is a picture of my new easel. I have one that sits on a tabletop, but I wanted one that I could stand up or sit on a stool and paint with. I love it, the wood is beautiful. Now I just need to get painting. Hubby is away for a week on business. So the housework is not on my list of things to do today. Michael's has a 50 percent off all week coupon. So I am dragging my daughter, they sell Golden paints, so all week I will be going. The ladies in there asked me if I wanted a job I am there so much.


  1. Aren't the studio's in that magazine drool-worthy? I always compare mine to them to.

    I really like your easel. I've been thinking about getting one but I don't have too much room as it is.

  2. Your studio looks a lot neater than mine! That's a great easel! I just have a tabletop kind but I seldom ever use it.

    Hubby away for a week!!! I think there's lots of painting in your future! I wish our Michaels sold Golden products but they don't. Have fun!!

  3. Actually, I stopped buying the 'where women create' magazines because they seem so far out of my reality league. Kind of why I have trouble watching certain home & garden shows, or buying magazines -- where is REALITY? you know, the paycheck-to-paycheck snatching-time-from-life artists with makeshift handmedown or alley-find furniture or plastic drawers ... pffft. Ooh, and I LOVE your inspiration board!

  4. free to create and do whatever takes your fancy! make the most of it!! I'm envious!


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