Sunday, May 10, 2009

Now there are a few things wrong with this stencil of me. One it is only one layer, so it looks flat, which it is. I am now cutting out a 3 stencil - to give it some omph. Stay tuned for that. You probably wondering what's with that fish on her head. Well it is because I was born in March, and am a Pisces, and don't ask me why I put 53- maybe wishing on my part.

Now I have introduced you to Sofie (aka The devil dog). She looks, mild and sweet and generally she is. But open that door longer than a minute she is faster than lightning and off to parts unknow. Then I am off to parts unknown, now this body is not faster than lightning let me tell you. Treats of pretzels wont even tempt her back. We have taken her to the dog park all the time, off leash and no way she strays, runs and comes back. She goes to doggy daycareat least once a week for interaction. And I must take her on 4 walks a day. She has gone to doggy training, and really just passed by the hair on her nose, they felt sorry for her. At home, she is sweet and loving, So does anyone have any idea how one trains them not to run out the door, and to come when


  1. What a cutie.

    I am not sure other then to just keep working with her. I have a boxer and I just worked with her so that when we call her name she would come. I have even gotten her to come when I whistle. I have learned that they can tell by the tone of your voice if they are in trouble or not.

    You might try one of those training clickers. If she doesn't like them then when ever you open the door click it and she will start associating that noise with the door opening and not come near it.

    Good luck

  2. I am glad I found your blog..I like your art and I am just wanting to do some stencils..Your dog looks adorable.

  3. sophie looks so cute and sweet.... my dd's dog went to pup school and did well but she trains him hard all the time and he responds quite well. he still doesnt come when called, thats the biggest down fall, cos it can be dangerous if off in the park or somewhere and he wont come... she is still working on that command!

    loving all your stencil works!

  4. HAHAHAHA well I admit I would have trouble resisting that Sophie face. goodness! But what a wondrous excuse to call Cesar Milan! (I LOOOOOVE Cesar Milan!)

    I'm not sure I can visualize the difference between what you're saying is 'flat' and 3-level ... just adding a few cuts? or doing different layers of stencils to add? I think you look GREAT! I mean, I recognize your face, Baby!

  5. I have a devil dog, too. The name is Jasper. Still trying to figure out how to get him to come or how to get him to stop eating my shoes...

  6. cool stencils! As for your dog, I don't know how boxers compare, but... with our Shelties (since they LOVE to chase things) we make it a game of tag- get their attention, then run, so THEY chase US- this gets them to come back. (some dogs, if you chase them, they look at it like you're playing Keep Away, and WON'T come 'cause they think you're playing with them, not trying to catch them!) But then, Shelties ARE herding dogs, so I don't know if that would work with your Sophie... good luck!


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