Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The world wants to know how I cut my stencils...

Okay the world really doesn't give a damn how I cut my stencils. But I thought I would tell you, so if your not interested just go on to another blogger. Well I read a tip on Gary Reef's ning site on how one the ningers cuts her stencils. At first I didn't understand it, Okay not all. So I have been thinking about it for days and trying this and that and I finally figured it out, brilliant scientist that I am..(lol). So this is how I did it and it works fab... First go into photo shop and make a three layer stencil...If you don't know how just email me and I will tell you or will direct you to a great video that explains it. So on this one, black, grey and white. The black layer I made red etc. Now it easy to see with these colours where the islands should be. I always had a problem with the islands. This works great for me. Now I love this pic of Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Ann at Dispatch from LA used one like this. I loved it and found one online, and a Marlyn Monroe one which I am cutting out. Today I did some errands, worked a little in the studio. Wanted to sit on the deck, but the sun flurries were blocking the sun. So any questions just ask, I am no expert but I can help./


  1. I'm going to have to give this a go...when the latest reno is over... reno coming up in the next few days or so! :(

  2. OHHHHHHHH!!! Now I get it with the layered stenciling ... how cool! I like the colors you used for Liz, here ...

    hey, question for you: what ever happened to your sweet little creation, LuLu?

  3. Ok, I'm part of the world that wants to know!! I'm just terrible at photoshop so please send me a link to the video. I've been trying to get a stencil cut in layers and it's driving me mad!!

  4. I was just blog surfing and found yours and your art is amazing! I looked at some of your older posts and saw some of your work. Its beautiful! I love how its airy and light. Wonderful!

  5. What I great idea to use photoshop. Thanks Lee. I will try it, too! (But for linoleum block printing...)



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