Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SP Wednesday-Am I a Croc

Your probably saying to yourself, what is she nuts, now she thinks she is a shoe.. No I dont think I am a shoe, but this does represent some parts of me. It shows how I love summer, I wear sandals and dont wear socks. I stop wearing socks when the snow lis gone and dont wear them again until the snow flys. I think this shows that I am not uptight and think I am a free and easy type gal sometimes. My husband might disagree.


  1. I don't think you're nuts! I don't own any crocs but I just bought a new pair of sandals a few days ago. Most of the time when I'm at home I'm barefoot! I don't like to wear socks in the summer either.

  2. Krissie at Winterwood6:43 PM

    they are BIg fashion here in summer!

    I dont wear socks either here in summer - I think my feet would cook in them!!

  3. Anonymous7:27 PM

    My daughter has 3 pairs of crocs....I have to admit..I am very close to buying my own pair! Did you get any jibits to snap in them? :)

  4. question: are those kind of shoes not HOT? I'm trying to place them in Phoenix weather, 110+ from now til September -- I'm thinking they would maybe melt? I'm NOT being ridiculous ... aren't they plastic? Cuz I love them ... and I DO think they say all those things about a person.


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