Thursday, May 07, 2009

Summer in the City

I have been busy this week creating art and loving ever minute of it. Sure I have made some bad art, but I just paint right over it and not stress out about it. I am learning to live in the moment. Now this one is just about all stencils, I wanted it to look like I was taking a picture behind the leaves of the City. That song Summer in the City has been running through my mind lately. Went out tonight with Mom, had a chinese food. I love chinese food it was amazing. My mother told me a funny story tonight about my sister and I that I had never heard before. We lived in France in an upstairs suite and my sister and I always played outside. My mom always had to check on us, so she always left the window upstairs open. Every day 20 times a day, My mom says we yelled up " Mom whats for dinner. This one day is was fed up , and of course we yelled up whats for dinner. My mom came to the window and yelled down "shit on toast" (I know not nice). My sister who was 5 and I was 3 yelled up "do we like it. Just thought I would give you a laugh.


  1. LOL!! That sounds like something my mom would have said!

    I like your city picture. I used that same stencil today. Isn't that a great book. Mostly I just bought it for the stencils. And I agree....if I make bad art I just paint over it and go on from there.

  2. krissie at winterwood5:01 AM

    lol!!! your mum said a thing I might say - I think my mum would faint if I said it though!!

    love your city pic!! did you buy the stencil? I cant find anything decent over here.... its so frustrating!!

  3. Wow Lee, you really have been busy! Those new ones are so much fun!!!!!!!!
    Even I probably wouldn't think about that 'combination' I alos sure do feel sometimes annoyed by my son's steady asking for one thing only again and again.....must be a mom's thing to bear with. Smiles, Anke ;)

  4. these pieces, woman, WOW to the ZA!!!!! did you cut that cityscape stencil yourself? I got transported back to when I lived in LA, when I was 19 (for 6 months) and my roommate played WAR songs over and over, like Cisco Kid Was a Friend of Mine and Me and Baby Brother ...

    chinese food, oofda, you've made me slobber now

  5. Great painting and I loved the story. Would love to read more about your childhood in France too. I'm glad you had a wonderful lunch with your mom too! Happy Mother's Day!


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