Sunday, May 03, 2009


I came into a little bit of cash windfall on Friday. The business from which I retired from last year, held some money back for something and on top of that a little bit of a bonus. So I had some mad money to spend and spend I did. Not on this table , this I bought at Ikea a few months ago, and never put together. So last night it was time. After a few hours of swearing and such, I did it.
Now it doesn't look like it should take time but let me tell you Ikea stuff is not easy to put together. Now back to the windfall, so I went to my favourite art store and bought an easel. Such lovely wood, I could not resist it, it was calling my name. So I brought it home and put it together, pictures tonight. Well I am off to the dollar store to look around, I happen to love the dollar store, I am a junkie....


  1. I love the dollar store, too! I'm always finding really cool things that I can use in my art.

    I like the table....good job!

  2. Congrats on the easel. I love dollar stores too and my hubby and I bought a similar bookcase from Target and it took a second attempt to figure out that the shelves were the wrong way and the little gadgets that it stuck to were tapered(no wonder the darn thing fell apart the first time). Enjoy your windfall treasures.

  3. Yes sometimes Ikea stuff looks so easy but putting togther is not! My dd put her chest of drawers toghert in backwards as she followed the plan but backwards, and had to re do it, other times DH gerts very annoyed with the stuff from there that looks easy but takes hours! lol...I dont even attempt that stuff! lol! I love what youbought and dollar stores....oh we share the same weakness!

  4. putting my own stuff together lights my internal I CAN DO IT fire ... it's a serious sense of accomplishment. I agree that IKEA's stuff can be darned complicated and never mind their instructions - USELESS!!! I end up looking at the photo on the box -- but man is their stuff priced right! GO DOLLAR STORE! I get all my paintbrushes there, sandpaper, packing tape, cool little rolls of border papers ...


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