Monday, March 01, 2010

March came in like a Lion and I hope it goes out like a Lamb

Welcome March, I have been waiting paitently for you to come.  I know that when you fly bye spring will be here and the grass will begin to peek through and the snow will melt and I just love you march.  Well today is the first day of march and all that went bad went bad.  My camera is not working, my mother inlaw fell on the ice and luckly only bruised her ankle and knee but when your 80 its going to affect you in long term.  My mother still not feeling good.  And the shopper wrecked her back somehow. So lets keep our fingers crossed that my favourite month of the year has better things in store for me. 

I have been working in the art journal as you can see, this one was from the beginning of February.  I joined an art journal prompt a day for the month of  March to give me a kick start which I need.  So the first prompt was today and it was "Start Your Engines".  The object is start a page each day you dont have to finish it that day but to start it.  Tommorow you will see what I have started.

Sunday, hubby went out of town till Tuesday night.  So I rented a movie Jennifer Aniston and I cant remember the name of it, but it was good.  Watched TV, read my book and finished it, "The Reliable Wife" I highly recommend it, its not what you expect.

Well tonight I am going to work in my visual/art journal.  I only have one journal at a time that I work in.  Some people work in lots of journal at one time.  But I cannot, I wish I could. Well tommorow Devil Dog goes to doggy daycare, and I am spending the day doing what ever strikes me at the moment.  So I will talk to you all tommorow.


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