Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A bag of mixed nuts

This is a bag of mixed nuts, some pressed flowers,
a transfer, a plastic see thru thing that is
like a brick wall that I have laying around,
some acrylic, and some markers.  But I
think it all works, whats your opinion?


  1. It works great! You are the master of mixed media!

  2. two thumbs up! brick wall is such a great contrast to the sweet flowers. love it.

  3. it works just fine! agree with janet!

    ps will send you an email with my adress re the xmas cards!

  4. I love all the different types of mediums and textures and layers. oooooh delightful!!!

  5. Looks great, Lee! Like you had planned the composition that way. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with you.

  6. This is a great piece! I really like the look of it. Did you press the flowers yourself? I've always wanted to press flowers, but haven't really ever done it. They make a great element in a collage.


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