Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you feel crafty?

I had a little laugh when I read this in the paper, and had to share it
so true.  I always make one craft at christmas, it started when
my daughter was born, I wanted to be a good mom and
make crafts with her.  She wasn't the least little bit interested, could be because I
was a pushy mom and always had to be in charge (lol) or because it was my way or the
highway...  because don't we always know right (lol) I have since learned I am not the boss of her (lol)
So this year without assistance   I have decided to make a cone shaped styrofoam
tree filled with bows made from the newspaper, and water colored.  In my mind
its going to be beautiful, reality may step in and say differently.  So stay tuned for that

Here is a link if you feel crafty from robin Marie site
for a bunch of homemade ornaments, just
click on the writing and you will get the
instructions and let me know if you make anything


  1. I love that comic strip! I can totally relate.

  2. ha ha ha wow can I ever so relate to this one. ha ha ha

  3. Ha ha, Lee...funny comic strip. When I first wanted to "get crafty"...years ago...I bought a glue gun and a bunch of glue sticks. I don't think I've ever once used it!

    Thanks for the link to Robin Marie's site. A lot of crafting fun to be enjoyed there!

  4. lol... reminds me of when I made home made xmas cards one year.... never again! I think that says it all! lol!

  5. This is a good one! I just fought with the glue gun last week...a challenge! LOL! Thanks for sharing, smiles, Anke :)


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