Wednesday, November 09, 2011


I feel like I have been floating lately, just floating and not doing what
I want to do, which is stop doing tthese damn postcards, and do
something else.  So I have been thinking about what to go onto
next, my friend  janet works
on all sorts of things, big canvas one day, her journal the next day
draws on newsprint. I am thinking of doing a mixed media
on clayboard, I would love to be one of those people that
could work on more than one thing at a time.  I am going to try that,because
pretty soon I will need  some intense therapy if I continue to make postcards


  1. Your postcards are always fun. I do the same thing sometimes, too. My problem is I get bored easily and if I don't keep changing things up then I lose my muse. I wish I could work daily in my art journal but for now I'm happy doing whatever pops into my head!

  2. i think that is somewhat the nature of the artist. to keep experimenting, reaching out for new ways, new techniques. i've been feeling that way with my doodles lately, last time i got a little bored i changed pen size and that was all it took.

  3. I love your postcards and you seem to be a non-stop force of creativity just the way you are. that being said, I'll join you on the therapist's couch! I'm certain whatever you do next will inspire me, and whatever you write about it will make me laugh! (somehow I've made this all about me - sheesh!)

  4. I like your postcards too... at least youre doing some art everyday! which is better than no art like me or NO ideas like me too! But I do agree it would be good to have new ideas and new projects on the go to!


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