Sunday, November 13, 2011

christmas card chaos

I am in the process of making Christmas cards
I had all my Christmas stuff all together
so I decided just to make them in the kitchen
instead of the studio, so I could
visit and watch tv with the hubby.
I know , I know, what a nice
wife, what I wont do for my man (lol).
So I managed to make 5 cards so far,
lets just say it not production line
fast.  If you squint really hard
you can see some in the back
on the counter.


  1. I'm squinting real hard and I like what I see! You're so ahead of me. I'm working on a big painting today. I have been "thinking" about Christmas cards but nothing has been made yet.

  2. they're looking good Lee! I want one!!!!!!!!!!!! going to email you my addy. when you get mine please send me yours too!

  3. this is so ambitious! I always think a messy, full art table means something wonderful is in the works!

  4. Looks like such fun! I love that process of getting out all the supplies, piling them up on the counter, and just letting inspiration run its course. It's never too efficient, but a whole lot of fun!

  5. I love this chaos. It looks like a space I could create in too!

  6. Looks like creativity is running rampant in there. Hope you had a fantastic time!

  7. Oh yeah..looks familiar!!! I have to get going too on Christmas stuff...not in the mood yet.
    Enjoyed as always your new posts!!!!
    And I read you have snow already...I hope we will be spared a little longer....enjoy your warm crafty time inside!
    Smiles, Anke :)

  8. this is such a cool mess!!! there is something about messy desks... they mean someone is working!


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