Friday, November 25, 2011

mish mash friday

Thanksgiving is over, and all that is left is turkey sandwiches
turkey pot pie, and should I go on, until all that
damn turkey is gone.  Now its shopping till you drop,
fighting the crowds back when they have what you want,
and coming home with an sense of accomplishment of
getting what you really did not need but had to have
and a little lighter wallet, now isn't that what
thanksgiving is all about (lol).
In Canada they did not like all us Canadians going down ac cross the
border to spend all our hard earned dollars, so they
got into the spirit and now we have Black Friday
shopping, but it doesn't give you quite the
thrill of going across the border just
so you can get that one item
and come back and brag to all your friends
of what you got?
All right who of you went shopping raise your hands, and let me know what you
got, so I can get the thrill of the hunt to.


  1. No Black Friday shopping for me although later I'm going to get out for some gel medium....I'm almost out. I don't like to shop so most of the big deal sales are just not that interesting to me. I'd rather stay home and let everyone else get pushed and shoved!

  2. oh my - i LOVE that rabbit watching TV. No black Friday shopping for me, though I did go to our lovely, local, independently owned art supply store to spend some of my birthday-present-money. lots of new goodies to play with!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and no black friday for me.

  4. I don't even bother with Black Friday shopping anymore, too many crazies out there trying to dive in for the same item. Sort of makes me think about the time when the Cabbage Patch dolls first hit the stores and it seems that everyone went crazy for them all at once.

    Cute rabbit, love your imaginative art style.

  5. adorable journal page!


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