Saturday, November 12, 2011


Today is all about reflection my mother passed away 1 year ago today
hard decisions had to be made and I had to make them
I still wonder if I made the right decision
but sometimes its the only one


  1. Sad, sad day for you. Sending some thoughts your way. Try to remember all of the good memories. Hope you find a way to mark the day in a good way. xx

  2. I'm sure this is a sad day for you. I hope you're able to mark it with some good memories. This little piece of art is beautiful and says so much.

    For me, today is my son's birthday. He's 48 today.

  3. oh Lee. Wishing you peace and comfort and healing!

  4. Sending you warm wishes of comfort. Peace.

  5. oh Lee its always so sad when someone passes and especially hard on you if decisions were involved.I really think this this peice is so right and fitting and displays so much emotion! (( hugs)))


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