Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Transfer Magic

I haven't given up on my collage, I am
working on it today, I will take pictures .  I am going to try another transfer, this
time one that I learned in  http://www.julieprichard.com/blog/
class titled Complex Collage, that is a great
class if your interested in taking one, I learned alot, and
its on sale  .  I was not paid to say that.(lol)  Dont ask
me why I never did that transfer to start with, you know the I can
do it my own way and it will work but never does way
Other than that, I have already been to the airport, to drop
the sister inlaw off to go home, to the vet, to
get devil dogs, leg checked she was limping,
she only stretched the ligament, get her
nails cut, and buy some dog food, $166 dollars
later, I left.  But the good news is
in two months she has lost 2 lbs
she is on a diet, unlike her owner who has
not dropped two pounds.  Anyway
I am off to work on my collage, stay tuned.

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