Monday, November 21, 2011

failure does not deter me

so i decided that i should do a transfer on her head,
i know what you doing? The funky piece I had
looked like hair.  Now every transfer I have
ever done, with every supply i can think of
has failed. But undaunted I vow to try again.

 so I start pict 2 on the head, you cant
see me praying off camera

 picture 3 the reveal, failure, you cant see
what words at that moment are coming
out of my mouth

 picture 4 I decide to leave the transfer
area and never do another one again, and move on
until I can think of something else.  Next painting
the girl. Stay tuned


  1. Lee. I can help you. Embrace the transfer. Please email me.. You CAN do it. :)

  2. I hear you about transfers! I seldom ever have any luck with them either and you'll notice I don't ever have them in my art! Good luck on the painting. I know you can do that part.

  3. all my transfers are terrible and yet I just can't stop trying. we must be masochists.


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