Monday, November 28, 2011

One eyed wonder

  • still working on cone project and collage
  • had spring like weather all weekend
  • going to the shoppers house to let the floor guy in
  • today is wifely duties, and get your mind out of the gutter, its not that, its cleaning the house
  • some art supplies bought on the weekend some wood boards to paint on, spalette knifes, sennier pastels, only 4, as I cant afford them all at once, so I buy a few at a time they go on like butter
so what di you do on the weekend,,,,


  1. Hi Lee.
    You made me smile with your wifely duties. This weekend I looked after the house too, trying to get it something like ready for guests at Christmas. There is much to do hence the early start. I also had my lovely son over yesterday to help with moving my computer upstairs and sorting out wires! Thanks to you I also opened my first Christmas card of the season and absolutely loved the design - just magical. Thank you so much Lee. I am a bit late getting mine to you in the post but managed to do that today. It is my first ever home made Christmas card so very special. I hope it get's to you in one piece - I am worried about it's bits getting knocked off in the post. Hopefully too not too long after our deadline of 1st Dec!!

  2. lol... I love your humour - the wifely duties really made me LOL!!!! had a lovely weekend at the spa - see blog and just relaxing around the house on sunday and unpacking after the mini break seeing my DD interstate.

  3. Hi Lee, hope you had a good weekend, I did pretty much relax and some housework...this grey, foggy and dark season is hard on my I am very thankful to have my art! That is keeping me going! Have fun experimenting with your new art materials, smiles, Anke :)


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