Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ahoy there.....

I was getting tired of girl faces
I have been thinking that I would like to go on a cruise
now just to talk the hubster into it
got my circle journal off
trying to get the 29 faces drawn
so I can move on to something else
what I don't know
what are you up to


  1. Ahoy, a cruise sounds great. The one thing I do the most, is missing my computer. Love your seaman.

  2. I like your sailor guy...but I like to have my feet on solid ground all the time. I don't even know how to swim!

  3. Great sailor! A cruise would be a wonderful idea:) I have scrolled down your previous posts and all your girls have such beautiful colour and style. I love all your work:)

  4. It is very good to try something else. This is wonderful and funny painting. I like it.

  5. I quite like his jaunty hat and pointy chin.

  6. It's fun to see a male face in the "sea" of female faces all around (pun intended!).

  7. Now that my back is feeling better and I can stay in this chair longer, I'm enjoying catching up with your work. YAY!!!


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