Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Used neo crayons on her, and of course my favourite whiteout
today the hubby is out of town, wow a whole day by myself
what shall I do.  Going for lunch with a friend, and
then burying myself in the art room.
After all my big talk yesterday, the only thing I did was dye my hair.  One thing at a


  1. I had to smile when I saw this one, she looks excactly like a neighbour of my aunts. How cool is that. You know Lee, something done is better than nothing. It takes a big thinker to figure out what to do, so one can't expect to get it done as well. That's how we express it in my parts of the world. I'm such a fan of your work, always something new anf funny. She got me smiling as well today. Thanks!

  2. Oh well, some days just aren't made for smiles. She is lovely without a big grin.

  3. One step at a time! At least you changed something which is more than I have.

  4. Small steps Lee.
    Smiling is sometimes a big step for me! I'm such a grouch these days. Your girls reminds me. xx

  5. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Hey, I got a haircut. Small changes - just what we need for a big outlook boost! I'm going to try to smile today with very little sleep. Let's see how that goes. Love the background. Got to get my neocolors out for a spin.

  6. She may not have had a big smile, but she is trying.


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