Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sad Sad Sadie

she looks like she is ready to cry
I need to change up these faces
happy needs to happen to them
I used water colour crayons
and a black pen that was
not water proof to get the
inky look
today I am going to tackle the storage room
its a mess and I mean a mess
almost overwhelming
so I decided a little piece at a time
no matter how long it takes
whats on your todo list for today


  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    yup yup yup A little piece at a time. That's all I'm good for. Love the inky lady!

  2. oh she does look sad, not for long I hope, as my day is nearly done and I as usual have not done most of my 'to do' list... so the 'to do' stuff will as usual be moved to tomorrow, that is how it always goes :)

  3. Maybe Sadie is just tired from all that work in the storage room! Or maybe she's sad because she knows you have to work and can't come play. The inky hair bit is great. I'll have to try that.

  4. Back when I started my household purging of "too much stuff", I started with the little drawer in my bedside cabinet (an old wash stand). I was so pleased with the neat results (you wouldn't believe how many oddments and useless whats-it's that were gathered there!)that I was inspired to keep going. Next I tackled one cubby in my closet at a time. Just a little at a time works for me! One thing I always try to do is finish at least one little project a day. It's fun to pat myself on the back that I've finished something! And I like your sad-eyed Sadie. Like Janet, especially her hair.

  5. I love her sad eyes. I think sad eyes in art draw me in more than any other expression. Remember that 1979 song by Robert John "Sad Eyes"?

  6. I forgot to say good luck with your room!

  7. There was hit record over here in the 1960's called "sadie, the cleaning lady" so this is who she is to me! Love her, and now off she goes to clean the storage room!


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