Wednesday, September 04, 2013

New Style, Old style

If you haven't noticed  I am trying a new style of face
I have not given up on my old style, you will see them here soon
so what do you think, should I persue this
I am trying for a more realistic look, not quite exact but not as
folk arty as my other ones.
its hot here today and I think its bbq tonight for dinner
devil dog has to go to the vet lady problems I think (lol)
my art store has a big sale on, I am trying to stay away but it keeps calling me to come and spend some money on stuff I really don't need.
will keep you informed if my muse decides to go and spend
that what I tell the hubby it wasn't me who spent the money


  1. I love these long faces. So interesting, meditative and expressive.

  2. I love them Lee. skintone and shading are so beautiful and the expression in this face are stunning. i think you should keep making these.I

  3. Gorgeous! I love the white highlights in the hair and the style of this piece. Very funky and cool! Super colors too.

  4. OMG lee! These are super fantastic! keep 'em coming!

  5. Lee, this is great! Actually, I went back to see what your former style was and can see room for both in your portfolio.

  6. I wonder if your muse won out and sent you off to the art store. If so, show us what you bought.

    I like all the faces you do. This gal seems to be a bit shy but also inquisitive.

  7. I love the expression here. Both old and new, I love your work. This face has something really deep and beautiful in it's expression. Maybe it is the eyes but the whole thing is so whimsy with it's wavey lines and contours. So interesting.

  8. Love your new style! very soft-looking ....

  9. This is really pretty, Lee...her left eye especially is so expressive.


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