Monday, September 16, 2013

Catching up...

This is Saturday

I have been having trouble with blogger these last three days,
could not get into my blog, and of course try and get google
to help me, impossible, I finally figured it out today. I tell
I was this close to calling it a day with the blog .The weather has been great just like summer, and highly unusual for here in September/
Okay I am off to sit on the deck and have a drink, after all the stress of the last three days
I deserve one


  1. I like your new ladies. Monday looks like she's surrounded by mums, for Fall. With the weather so pleasant and the deck calling your name, what kind of drink did you have? Relax a lot?

  2. love your ladies... all of them! and your tenacity to keep doing art challenges and doing such a good job of it!

  3. Great work Lee, i love your flowery backgrounds. Still waiting for my computer to return home.

  4. I'm catching up, too! I like your new ladies with all the flowers around them.

    Sorry you've been having Blogger problems. I've learned that the "help" section of most sites should really be called "no help at all"
    I hope you don't give up on your blog. I look forward to seeing your art.

  5. Lovely ladies. I am really taken with Monday. xx


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