Tuesday, September 03, 2013


trying to make my faces more realistic
skin tones are hard right
eyes again, problem this time not big enough for the face
but you only learn by trying
watercolor's again
the shopper (aka the daughter) is coming home today from her vacation in Thailand
the hubster is trying me crazy, he is in a cleaning frenzy
today is the first day of school (if I was young enough to have one going to school)\
the weather is great
I am in a paper trade thru LaWenda so I have to get that ready for my trade partner
what are you doing on this beautiful Tuesday


  1. It's hot and humid and I'm trying to stay cool. Went out for a bit...bought some gouache paints and plan to try them this afternoon.

  2. you're doing great with your faces - keep it going!

  3. wonderful! Love her attitude! :D


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