Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Links

gosh its Friday again where do the days go
only 9 more days of faces, thank god
its getting harder to make these faces interesting
Now on to the fun stuff here are some wonderful links I have found this week
april cole wonderful artist and on Friday she links and her links are great
I follow this blog and its wonderful
she is funny, talented and posts just about every day
some free great downloads
a great video
great video
another great video using pastels on a face


  1. Hi Lee...Your faces for the week are great, as usual! I had to laugh when I read "only 9 more faces, thank God."Going to check out your links...I've already been to April's blog :)

  2. Great links thanks Lee. Still love your faces. x

  3. That's why I quit doing challenges very often. When I read "only 9 more faces, thank God" I could really relate. But you always do good faces and you may think they're all the same but I don't.

    Thanks for the links. They're always fun.


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