Thursday, September 19, 2013

fifty shades of....

do you think she been reading to much fifty shades of grey and wanted a blindfold
when I finished her, I did not like her eyes, but I liked other things about her
hence the blindfold, and yes you would be right to say haven't you done a
blind fold before yes I have, different girl, same problem eyes
today was library day, got some new books on tape for the car
I love listening to books on tape as I scoot around the city
its pasta for dinner tonight
whats on your dinner table tonight


  1. I love listening to tapes and books on cd too, always get them form the library so that if theyre no good at least they didint cost a cent!

  2. The blindfold gives her an air of mystery

  3. Fantastic top!! I wouldn't mind one like that myself hehe! She's great xx

  4. perhaps she's a superhero


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