Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life listing

I saw this list on Krissies blog and decided to spice up the blog by doing one myself.  So here it goes

Making dinner for the shopper grilled chicken burgers and salad
drinking diet coke but trying to wean my way down to 3 a day
listening to a book on cd by Karen Robards and loving it
listening to songs on my IPod well walking devil dog
finishing up the 29 faces challenge and glad of it
thinking of giving a painted canvas to a friend and wondering she will like it
thinking of what to pack for when I go to Phoenix with my girl friends
getting the house ready for winter
washing all the  winter blankets
getting out the winter jackets and mitts
getting out the winter matts
thinking of painting some pumpkins for the front of the house
bonding with both sets of neighbours
cleaning out the summer clutter
wondering what to cook and freeze for the hubster while gone, so he does not starve
helping out with a friends campaign who is running for Mayor
cooking healthy recipes to help in my quest for healthy eating
thinking about quitting the blog , and pondering they whys and why not's
reading all my favourite blogs and leaving comments
thinking about what to get everyone for Christmas (I know I am nuts)
trying to talk the hubster into going away after Christmas for a trip
shutting[ up  and closeing this post so you can get back to your day


  1. lol love your list! its fun doing it and I plan to do one regularly every now and then ... it also helps to have those tiny prompts doesnt it? my mind goes blank these days when I have to think of a new post! love the gal pic too!

  2. Love this post, both art and words. You're a busy bee.

  3. I saw Krissie's post and loved it...and I love yours, too. It's fun seeing what other people are doing and thinking.

    The painting is so her hair!


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