Friday, September 06, 2013

half a face is better than none

this is the cover to my 29 faces booklet
tonight we are going out with family for pizza
what type of pizza do you like
I like veggie, or smoked ham and pineapple
regular crust
devil dog is wearing a cone on her head to keep her from licking the cream we have to
apply to her lady parts
she does not like the cone, so she has been pouting for two days now
the shopper (aka the daughter)has been quite sick since coming
home from Thailand ,bad stomach pains and the rest that goes along with it
the doctor gave her something for it, so it seems to be easing a little
well devil dog needs a walk and since I am only the only one home I guess I am
elected to do it
have a great Friday
faces doesn't take a break on the weekends so I guess I will be here 


  1. Poor old devil dog. Hope her lady parts are better soon. Pizza yum and going out to eat yay. Sounds great and two of my favourite things. I like proper Italian doughy base with roasted veg and four cheeses. Love the green and the pattern on your half a face cover.

  2. I like this the best so far!

  3. I hope devil dog is better soon. Wearing that cone must be so uncomfortable. And I hope the shopper feels better, too. Having tummy problems is no fun at all.

    I like veggie pizza but can't eat it anymore. No cheese for me. And when I still ate meat I liked pineapple and ham.

  4. I'm not sure how you even managed that particular half of a face...I like it! Sorry to hear about your daughter; I hope she feels better very soon.

  5. love pizzas, love the wood fired white pizzas! we were so lucky didint get sick at all while in thailand! did she enjoy being there though?

  6. i am enjoying your art in the 29 faces challenge and am now happily following your blog :D

  7. Your cover is delightful, as is your post. Poor devil dog! Hope the cone will be gone soon.


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