Monday, September 09, 2013

Bed Head

This is what I look like when I wake up
is enough even to scare me
I cant just jump out of bed and go somewhere
first I have to take a shower and do my hair.
Not much work to my hair, I wear it short, and its dead straight
but I am lucky and have a lot of hair and its thick
ok tonight its leftovers, whatever is in the fridge
I bought a new pair of winter shoes today
and a workout jacket
hubby asked when was I going to workout in it
and I replied, I don't want to get it dirty


  1. Enjoyed your post. Your comment about your new workout clothes made me laugh. That's how I do. Love your painting.

  2. I like wild crazy hair too

  3. As you probably know, my hair is super short and sticks straight up so most of the time no one can tell if I've done my hair or not!! I love it...and I love this gal with her bed head hair.


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