Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A little big of this and that

a little sketch from my sketchbook, colored with only markers
you can get such pure deep colour from markers.
We have been talking about summer holidays,
but hubster still is not that well, so I don't think
we are going to go to far.  I am going on my
usual trip to Phoenix in October with girls. But
I am in the mood for something more....what are you
doing this summer?


  1. I love this doodling piece combined with one of your girls. Lovely. What am I doing this summer, hopefully staying at home enjoying the days as they come. As you know we spent 4 weeks in the US last summer, so this year I'll love staying home.

  2. Your girl looks great against that doodle it.

    This summer we'll most likely be staying inside away from the heat as much as possible. As you know, it gets over 100º very often here during July, August and September. That's when I am fairly quiet and don't exert myself too much.

  3. I'm with Janet in that it gets so hot here that I prefer to isolate myself inside as much as possible, after my seemingly frantic gardening craziness earlier in the year. I have inside projects awaiting. We've been enjoying mini-trips, weekends or 3-day excursions, rather than a longer vacation for the last couple of years.

  4. Thanks so much for the zines- love them-- my first mail art- do you have a favorite mail art site you use ? I might be interested- anyway - we have a cabin in northern Wisconsin we go to- and we just bought a small RV and plan on going out west with it-


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