Friday, June 06, 2014

golden oldie friday

today was all about lunch with a friend
taking the car in for an oil change
walking devil dog
making a bound book
having tuna casserole for dinner
(now that's an oldie but goodie) my
daughter asked me what was tuna casserole
I am sure I made it for her
did you know I got a Fuji instamatic camera for mothers day
I thought I would really like it,
don't rush out and buy one
its just okay the picture quality is not that great
I use it to put stuff into my documented planner
I am joining the Summer of Fun
its free and it looks like fun, check it out
okay I need a couple of emails from
Wendy, Peggylynn Cjsrq go to my
profile page and email me your addresses so
I can get you mini zines in the mail
ok that's it for today


  1. what a lovely, lovely painting! I'm going to go and check out this link . . .

  2. I love how you write about your day. It sounds busy and productive! Looking forward to your zine v much!

  3. Wendy9:00 PM

    Lee - I went to your profile page and it would not let me in to your e-mail- my email is if you send me your email I will send you my address on it- thanks-

  4. You may not think you have anything to write about but I love your posts about what you do each day. It's like getting to visit with you. And I like tuna casserole, too.


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