Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One Image

As you all know I belong to facebook group that does trades
I really like it, but sometimes they don't allow International Trades
they consider Canada International which is really
laughable, we are there neighbour.  Anyway one of the women
wanted to trade and she was from Germany, so I said I would.
Now the challenge was one image, you send a postcard
and have one image on it.  So I sent mine off and Sandra
sent me her's which was the girl.  I have been having
a terrible time with this one and wishing as I usually
do, I had not said I would do this.  So she has
sent hers back to me, so I have to get something in the mail.
And this is about the 20 th redo of this card.  You cant
see but I put a piece of heavy plastic (I forget what its called)
over the window, I hope you get that its a window.  Now
I am totally rethinking this whole card.  Back to the


  1. This is beautiful....Sandra will love it....especially if it's the same Sandra I know! Like I said WAY too hard on yourself! I think your beautiful style shines through!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I'm sure sandra will LOVE whatever you make for her! Dont be so hard on yourself Lee - your art is just great!

  3. What a beautiful card. She will love it, and it is so you.

    I also had a look at Miss long nose further below, and had a good laugh. You're so cool Lee.

  4. Don't re-think this's great just as it is.

  5. Anonymous12:21 AM

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