Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday .....whats new

There are a couple of advantages to posting into my 9th year
is that I have a lot of art you probably have never seen.  Because
as bloggers we easily tire of a blog and maybe only come back
to it once and awhile.  So there is more fodder for the blogger
to post that is old.  This is an example of one
, its not that old, it was a booklet I made of angels.  I am
not into the whole angel thing so don't ask me why
I did a whole book on it. But I liked the little booklet
so here is one of the drawings.  Now this one was simple to do,
I did the background in the book first, and then on this
one, I cut out a shape of woman, and did a little spray
paint which blended in with the background, had
an wing stamp , and used a word stamp, and here
she is in all her glory.
Its gloomy today and a little rainy a perfect day to go to the library
and browse there art books, what do you do on gloomy days?


  1. I like her even though I'm not into angels either. But somehow she looks like an urban angel or something like that.
    When it's gloomy I love to curl up with a good book. No gloomy weather here though. Sunny and close to 100º today and for the next week at least!

  2. ditto from me here too to what Janet said.

    its gloomy here today and its feeeezing too, so doing lots of cooking to keep warm and eating a bowl of home made delicious soup!

  3. ps LOVE the new header!

  4. pps janet and I must be tow of your original blog readers from way back?

  5. Hi Lee, love your "angel" and glad to be back for a visit. Everyday is much the same these days as I am so busy with my course and my work. No time to notice if the day is gloomy, however I am noticing the return of the sunshine today. Missing my blog and time to be creative. I haven't been able to visit lately but keep popping in from time to time to look at your art and read. Always cheers me up. I wonder what your angel has been up to? Lol


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