Sunday, June 29, 2014

the Blondie tour...

I went medium blonde, yep, my hair wasn't really very dark to start with, but lots of grey were coming thru, first I debated about just going with it, let the grey come
thru and be done with it.  Its not that nice grey that white grey its that dull lifeless
grey that drags you down.  So instead of dyeing my hair my usual natural light brown, I went medium blonde, and you know I like it, hides the grey really well, and I decided it was me.  So now know I dye my hair, by the time I am 80 you will know all
my secrets.
Since blondes have more fun I told the hubster if two 18 year old hunks ring the doorbell just let them in, they are for me


  1. Good for you! I've been letting my gray hair grow in and it is driving me nuts. I've given myself until the end of summer to decide what to do....maybe shave it all off and start from there!

  2. I'm going today to get something done about my's past time. LOL@the hunks at the door :)

  3. Love love love the new banner and good for you on the hair. I am not a lover of grey hair...especially my own... However I do love the white hair...with natural curls...those people are the lucky ones!! My mom who was a hairdresser for 42 years always said people should always go lighter when they age. I have yet to do that! I bet it yours looks great!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I also like the banner! So colorful and fun. I'm going with the grey. I'm hoping it gives my hair some texture. Plus I get to point to it when i'm complaining to my kids. If two 18 year olds show up at my house, I'm having them move furniture.

  5. I know for a fact that you look great - but still SHOW US THE PHOTO!!!!! LOL!

  6. Do we get to see the new you? Blondes really do have more fun...I was blonde for about 35 years and loved it. Now I just let my hair go gray.

  7. Funny post Lee, still laughing. I started to turn gray in my late 20's. Now I'm snow white on both sides and I love it. The rest is still my old mouse grey color, but the white sides lifts it all up. I do add blonde stripes in the rest though.

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