Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A little rant

you all know how I love colour, well here is an example of how much, you need your
sunglasses for this one
I like to take online courses, but I have taken a lot of them, but I have never made
one thing from them.  So I took a bit of a step back and decided that I am going to make one piece of art from each class that I have taken, so stay tuned for that.  But alas I could not resist taking a class from my girl crush Alisha Burke, and one from
Robin Marie Smith.  They are both reasonably priced and lots information that
is new and refreshing.  I see the latest on online classes is to let you have
the class for only so long and charge you a year at a time.  I will not be taking
these classes.  I realize the artist who puts on these classes puts a lot of time
and effort into creating the class, but I want something back for my money. Anways enough of my rant, its back to business talking about trivial day to day things.



  1. I understand your rant! love these beautiful, delicious colors!!!!

  2. Love the bright colours in this, Lee. I look forward to seeing what comes next. I am a great fan of Robin Marie Smith. I'm not familiar with Alisha Burke. Will have to take a look at her work.

  3. I'm a color lover too, so I need no sun glasses. LOL All the colors makes me happy and inspired, so I use them as much as possible. I'm excited to see what you're up to next. BTW, the zines have arrived, I'll be back on e-mail for that.

  4. Wonderful colors! I enjoy Alisa's classes, too. I'm currently doing the Summer Sketch class.

  5. "I love color too," said the woman with the gypsy pink living room and apple green kitchen! I too have taken a few classes...but seriously even for thirty dollars you can buy a book...so whats the big deal about having full access once you buy the class. I don't think that's unreasonable. I love Alisha Burke ...as long as you keep your own style within these classes I look forward to what transpires!! Love this flower ...gorgeous!! You should some vista print cards made out of this print...when they have a good sale of course...I'm sure your friends would love a birthday card with your art on it!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Never too much color for me! And I agree with you about the classes. If I've paid my money for a class why should I be limited to how much time I get with it...or have to pay again and again.

    I took both the classes you mentioned and have enjoyed them. Two artists who know how to treat their students!

  7. Hi Lee...sorry, it's been awhile since I've visited blogs or done much of anything. I hope I am getting back now. I've taken a lot of classes too...it's an addiction, I think .I signed up for Mary Ann's class. I can't pass up her classes (sighs*). I've taken several of Alisha's class, although, none lately. I looked at all your recent art...love all the colorful art you do!

  8. This work is so pleasing, makes me smile just to see it! Love your selection of colors.

  9. I love your colorful flower! And I love it to see it without sun glasses :) - I took two online classes from Alisa Burke too and I loved them both.


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