Thursday, June 26, 2014

How often do you do it.......

ah ha caught you , I mean how often do you post, or how often do you think you should post.  I have read various articles on you should post every second day,
3 times a week.  Since I have taken the attitude that I am going to post
only when I feel like it, it has taken this invisible  weight off my shoulders.
This weight is only put on by me, and to top it all off I have not
slowed down to much in posting on my blog Ha ha.  Though the summer
for sure everyone slows down in blog land, you gotta enjoy the
weather well its here right.  Today its beautiful out the sun is shining, cloudless sky
I am taking my camera out with me to find some inspiration to reflect in
my journal.  So what are you doing today


  1. I'm working, but looking out of a window at a pond, hoping to see the resident alligator. Very hot and humid here in sunny Florida! I like your girlie, and I especially like how you did the background.

  2. Hey Lee! Summertime always means I don't blog as often. For one, we have a lot of power failures (one every day for the last four days!) and I don't like to leave the computer going when that's likely. Usually, outages are due to thunderstorms, but recently they have been morning events with no storms around. Weird! Also, I don't go outside as much to take pictures as when the weather is cooler. I keep the car air so cold that I'm just warming up as I enter a building! LOL! Like you, I'm trying not to pressure myself about blogging. We should just enjoy, right? Love and hugs!

  3. PS I forgot to say your girl above has such a sweet expression.

  4. beautiful girl! I love her!!

  5. She is different and has a style all of her own! I like to post once a week, sometimes twice, depends on my creativity and what I want to share, no pressure!

  6. Oh, dear Lee!!! The zines have just arrived! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Thank you very, very much!!!! They are so sweet and terrific! I'v never seen such a lovely zine before! You made my day!!!!

  7. Your girl looks beautiful! I love her brown eyes! Her charisma makes me feel peacefully and harmonized. And I need that. I am currently terribly nervous because I will start a new job on Tuesday. So with regard to your question I'm not sure if I will blog regularly within the next weeks due to my new job but I would love to blog twice a week.

  8. For a minute there I thought you were getting a little personal!! ;-)

    I love the painting! She has such a sweet smile. You do the BEST faces.

    As you know I'm struggling with keeping my blog going. I'm either too busy or don't have anything to share so it's been a challenge but I keep trying.

  9. summer doesn't change how much I post (which is sporadic all year long) but it really gets in the way of my reading and visiting. It makes me realize how much of my blog time happens at my desk during work hours, and since my job gets so much busier in the summer, I might go a week or more without visiting all my favorite blogs! You've posted 10 times since I've been here last. Wonderful to catch up.


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