Thursday, June 12, 2014

jungle love

I am entering this into  go check it out she has amazing art
I really like this one, and I don't say that very often
about my art.  I think because of the colors in it.
Sent out all the mini zines yesterday and today
finished the one image for Carol and sent it off
finished a sketch book completely that my
daughter bought me in Thailand last year
and wish she had bought two.  The paper
takes any kind of medium and doesn't leak through.
Got to finish one circle journal of my friend
Gayle who lives in the same city as me
and then all my obligations are caught up.
I have been writing them down lately as I
forget what I have to do.   Cant be
my age  can it (lol).


  1. Oh this lady is very lovely!! Yes it's your age. Once I started writing lists which I have never done much I started accomplishing a lot more...and also having more wishes fulfilled too!

    Hugs GIggles

  2. Sounds like you got a lot done! Love this piece. Looks like she's in the rainforest....

  3. will be looking out for the post from now on! I like the lady too! ps bought something for you too today out on my travels, and will be emailing you soon about it Lee!

  4. You should like this one...she's great! I like all the flowers and leaves, and she has a fun shirt.

    I put everything, and I do mean everything, in my computer calendar because if I don't I'll forget.

  5. Yes, the colours are lovely in this and I love the black and white detail. Sounds like you have been busy. Will be looking out for the postman.....

  6. hopped over from paper Saturday to say she is fab!

  7. Like her a lot! I have to make lists all the time and I've been known to forget the lists!

  8. She is really lovely Lee. If you email me your address I will send you one of my zines. Happy belated Paper Saturdays! ManonX


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