Monday, June 23, 2014

I should have known.....

after a busy weekend, I have settled back into my routine
do you have a routine?  I found that since I retired
if I don't have routine of some sort I find the day
passes in a blur, my routine is not set in stone
its very flexible, allowing for a lot of down time.
I swim everyday, I do some sort of cleaning,
I walk the dog, I cook, and make art, with
other variables thrown in. 
Like for instance my IPAD not working, and its
not very old, April.  So I am off to
Apple to find out what the _____is the
problem.  Lucky the hubster who is
very organized had the bill safely tucked
away, because I worried all night where
I had put the bill.  He knows me to well.
That's it for today.


  1. I love the colours in this piece Susi. I think you sound very organized and well done swimming every day. I'm afraid my swimming costume doesn't see the light of day that often.

    I posted your little surprise today and forgot to say who it was from. So if you receive a 'pink lady' in the post it is from me Lol!

  2. I have a routine, too simply because of the same reason as you. As for receipts, I'm fanatical about saving them. I start an envelope each month and place all my receipts in it when I come home from shopping. I always know where they are.

    I hope you get your IPAD working again.

  3. How's your Ipad? Hope all goes well! My routine varies with the schedule of everyone else in the household. Pretty much know what DH is doing (he's retired, but working a full week. His job started as part time but he loves it and now he's there daily). Son's hours are flexible and I never know if he's going to be home for dinner, etc. My brother and I look after Mom, so we're always coordinating outings for her. The one thing "written in stone" is taking Mom to her beauty shop appointment on Thursday. Must do! That's her favorite outing of the week.


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