Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Score.

I did this a long time ago, I saw an ad in some magazine
and decided to give it a try, I like the way it
turned out.
Every June our neighbour hood of about 500 home has a giant grage sale,
usually out of those 500, about 100 or more homes decides to participate.
I have one garage sale person, who I go to every year, she must work or
own a store, or retails to stores.  Her Stuff is amazing, that's the only
garage sale, I go to.  Now all this stuff is brand new, so heres what  I got
an beautiful apron
Lug purse
pasta maker
straw purse
Over the shoulder pink purse
Lug Wallet
tea towels, not the cheap ones either
and other misc. items
all for 30.00 which would easily be over 100.00
now the hubster would say did you really need that
pasta maker, because you have never ever made homemade pasta,
and my answer will be , but now I can if I want to.


  1. Always be prepared! "Now I can if I want to." will have to be my new go-to response. :D

  2. Love the drawing! As for garage sales, I love them, too but the ones around here are not so good for some reason. You definitely scored big time!

  3. love the drawing too, and that sale sounds like a fantasy bargain place! wow, what great goodies you bought!

  4. Fishbowl city, fantastic! I simply love it. Garage sale, I know nothing about it, we don't have it. Sounds great though. I'm still working on my giant mandala doodling, it's so much fun but slow work.

  5. Love the fun painting!! I love buildings too!! Good haul on the garage sale items!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Score! I would say.

    Your city page is super fun! Love your new blog look too Lee!

  7. Wow, that's some garage sale! I'd love to go to that one too. And pasta makers can always be used for clay, should you get into that. Ya' never know! Very fond of your submerged city.


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