Thursday, April 30, 2009


I was working in the garage today and this is what I did. I used the back of another diet coke peice of cardboard, some stencils, and stuff. It looks way better in real life. It actually looks to dark here. Today was a great day, my daughter finished her exams today and is ready for summer fun to begin. My husband has tommorow off and the weather is suppose to be good. What else in life can you want. Did you see Oprah today Kristy Alley was on , I love her attitude, yes I have gained weight, but went on with my life. I want to be like that, just yes I have gained a few pounds ( I did to myself not anyone else, and nobody was hurt in my doing it but me) and yes I know I have to lose it, and yes I will on my own time. Yes I am woman hear me roar.
Well I am now getting off my soapbox and going in to watch Greys Anatomy. Talk to you tommorow.


  1. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Love this page Lee!!! I am a sucker for blue..period..but add in a bird? Love it!

  2. This is gorgeous!!!

  3. winterwood11:05 PM

    summer? you lucky things there, although its still unseasonaly warm here so I wont complain too much! I am so loving your art lately!

  4. You Go Girl!!!!! I think you already have Kirsty Alley's attitude. You'll lose weight when you're ready too. Don't let anyone pressure you. It'll happen...remember, "You are one of a kind,a woman with a destiny."

  5. Gorgeous bird!

    Yes, I saw Kirstie on Oprah and I love her attitude, too. I've been trying to lose a few pounds and I guess it will happen when my body is ready. That's all I can hope for!


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