Monday, August 29, 2011

goodmail, index card and a little talk

The two postcards above came a few days ago from two talented artists.  One big one with the birds and all the color are from Janet the smaller one is also beautiful is a stiched collage done by Andria from I love both of these, and I love getting
mail so if anyone ever wants to trade just let me know.
special mail, so if anyone ever wants to trade just let me know\

Well only two more days left of index cards,


  1. I missed you while I was on break. It's good to be back seeing all your latest art (I went back and looked at everything)....and I'm glad you like your big postcard.

  2. You certainly got some lovely mail! Thanks so much for adding me to your daily reads...that's so thoughtful of you. Hope you're having a beautiful evening!

  3. I'm glad you like your postcard, Lee. I have yours featured on my blog today, too! :-)

  4. Oh, lucky girl, you've got some real mail through the door! :)
    I love mail and I always hope that people will go back to using it more often, but I know it's probably not going to happen now that we all rely on emails.


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