Friday, August 26, 2011

Oil Country

The first index card, is a bit of map where I live.  It looks like we live in the boonies, not true
we live in a really cool city, where we have all 4 seasons and lots to do.  But we do have lots of
farming and I main revenue sorce is Oil, we have lots of it, almost or more than the
rich oil companies in arabian countries, we also have the oil sands.  Which has
been untapped.

One thing we dont have where I live is great lakes, and great fish.  We do have fish but no
lobster, shrimp etc, thats more down east and more west.  There a little lesson
on where I live.  Whats great about where you live?


  1. We do have shrimp and fish which my husband and son adore, but I'm allergic to both (the seafood, not the guys!). Hope you have a great, creative weekend.

  2. thanks for sharing. we have all four seasons here, no severe weather usually. we have mountains for sking and hiking, beach for wading and surfing, and rivers for boating. pretty diverse here in the nw.


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