Sunday, August 14, 2011

How I made a postcard

I started out with my painted paper, torn and pasted on a postcard
Decided it was not torn enough, so tore more off.

I then used some scrapbook paper I had, I tore it as well, so this kinda
decided my theme, birds egg a bird

The I used some really light paper, as I envisioned it flowing in the wind, only glued from the top

So far it was not going so great, I did not like the way the tracing paper looked
I decided then to draw a heart and a bird half on the tracing paper and some on the scrapbook paper

I then decided to use Pan Pastels, by this stage I hated everything about this postcard
and the next step would have been the garbage, I decided to try one more thing. The bird
looked like he had not had a good meal in days.

I took off the tracing paper, and redid the bird and the heart
in white pen, but it still looked flat

Next step, I used copic markers for the heart and part of the bird, part of the painted paper I used
getting better but still not great

So for the final step, I did some highlighting, and some shadingadded a word, I could have used a stencil, but I liketo try and use my printing

Truthfully I am not to satisfied with this finished product, but it does look better in person.
So If you like this, and would like to have it, leave me a comment,the first comment gets it.
If you don't like it,, it's okay, tell what I should have done or could have added more.
I tend to not add enough stuff maybe, I like clean lines.


  1. LOVE watching people's work in progress, and I love your bird. Recently commented how much I love your use of white pen and would be delighted to have this great postcard!

  2. Rushmore beat me to it. I like how you showed your process of getting to the final piece. I like how it turned out. Next time you come by my blog...see if you recognize the owl and arrow on the first smaller photo. Have an artfilled week!

  3. Oh my nice post was gone...well I try to get it together again:
    This postcard has an unique worth, because you showed how it was created and how much love you put in it = higher value!

    And like I said before your art has an unique expressive style, I do love! It's so refreshing and sooo speaking to my heart, thank you!

    Smiles, Anke ;)


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