Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ideas Percolating

This is a page from my idea book, or its the general all things book I keep by my side and everything goes in it.  Anyway it started with the leaves, then the color, then I decided to hide the birds in it.  Now remember this is just an idea, something I will keep in the book and think about, and when i decide what it should be maybe a collage maybe a painting.  This helps me when I don't have any ideas (art wise) .

How do you get your ideas when you are stumped?


  1. Hi Lee! I like this a lot. I like the lined ideas? Bookmarked in Pinterest or painted quickly in the journal. Happy Sunday!

  2. Gosh, I love your envelope design on the top today! "Percolating", yep, I know a lot about that. Sometimes I think I brew way more ideas than I actually accomplish or even start. I'm certainly going to keep that idea book close to me now. Thanks!

  3. Hi Lee....I haven't been here in a while....I realize that on all your new index cards! Which are full of inspiration again! Thank you!!!!
    I am really busy getting ready for my Open Studio and taking care of the rest. I did take a break yesterday, first soccer game, than live music!!! Fun!!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend as well, smiles, Anke ;)
    So what's after index card?


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