Friday, August 05, 2011

A Critical Examination

When making these index cards, you usually have a few fav's this one is mine

working on portraits
need more work on eyes, nose and mouth
more work required on skin tones
and hair
lets just say more practice needed in portraits


  1. I never really made much of attempt at collage on index cards, Oh I had try it, but found to be rather small for me and so gave it up fast.

    What medium did you used to draw out this portrait here? I like her just the way she is, especially the way you drew her lips.

  2. I like your favorite index card, too. I don't think I have a favorite of mine....none of them are all that interesting.

    Your portrait looks good. You're too critical of yourself!

  3. Rosy, Hi, I just used watercolour paper, and watercolour crayons.

  4. I like the index card too...she looks like she is saying something... I found that no matter what I am hard on myself too, but we shouldnt do that to ourselves as each piece has its own charm!


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